Inferno 3 player... Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!!

The following games are available in the multi-player cabinet:


Inferno 3 Player has been designed to fire up the UK CAT C market

The game utilises 19" TFT displays, with a feature centre top 32" screen
Inferno is housed within the Ace Coin Advanced Multiplayer Cabinet
The game comprises of 3 video reels
It has 5 winlines with a stake of either 25p or 50p
Additionally to normal wins, on 25p stake there is the possible bonus that can award the feature
On 50p play there are 3 bonus panels which gives more chances of the feature

Feature Game

When the feature is awarded the top box reels spin and stop on an award which is transferred to the bank, the feature will then continue to spin in winning combinations. The feature will end when a losing combination is awarded.

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